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Convenience & Ready Meals

Our experience says that more consumers are asking for a quick solution for lunch, snack or dinner that is both healthy and tasty.

At Scandinavian – Retail Food, we are capable of delivering this solution to you as we have a wide range of fresh doughs perfect for cooking and baking. We also offer a variety of ready meals that are perfect for a quick and tasty dinner or lunch.

All our products are delivered directly from our European suppliers, each of whom are experts in producing their particular goods. We therefore guarantee high quality in all our products, and we deliver them at reasonable prices.

Fresh Pasta

Fresh pasta is a favourite among families with children and people on the go who want an easy and tasty dinner or lunch. And at Scandinavian – Retail Food, we offer a wide selection of fresh pasta from our pasta specialist, Pastella, in Skovlunde here in Denmark. The fresh pasta is a hit among consumers because it is easy and quick to make, and it tastes lovely!

In addition to the fresh pasta, we also offer filled pasta from Italy. The filled pasta has a soft and creamy filling and is perfect for dinner or to enjoy the next day for lunch.

In our range you will find: spaghetti, lasagne sheets, fettuccine, pappardelle, wholemeal pasta, vegetable pasta as well as filled tortellini and ravioli.

Charcuterie & Specialities

Everyone loves to serve tapas when entertaining friends and family for dinner. Therefore, we’ve toured Europe to handpick the best specialties that make the most delicious tapas table.

In our range you will find delicious specialties such as Schwartzwalder ham from Germany, Parma ham and other tasty specialties from the Parma area in Italy and delicious chorizo ​​sausages and serrano ham from Spain.

When you choose us as your supplier, you get your goods delivered directly from the manufacturers. You are therefore guaranteed products of high quality and good taste at reasonable prices.


In this category you’ll find high-quality products that will make everyday life a little sweeter and tastier. Our range of products include both private label products and licensed products such as Oreo, Milka and Baileys.

We offer milkshakes, chilled milk snacks, chocolates and other temptations that are perfect on the go.